Künstler / Werke

Binatone Galaxy is an installation for numerous portable cassette recorders which, rather than being used as intended are loaded with self-amplifying cassettes that make audible the rattling mechanics of this dead medium. Superseded as playback media, the machines become instruments in their own right. Replacing the contents of each tape with a microphone allows us to hear the rhythmic and resonant properties of these once ubiquitous plastic shells, revealing the acoustics of the cassette and the voices of the machines themselves.

Stephen Cornford is a sculptor who uses sound and noise to explore the physicality of the world around him. His use of the physical and aural qualities of found objects, instruments and machines, shifts our assumptions of the familiar by amplifying the inaudible. His work inhabits both gallery and gig, taking the form of kinetic installation and process-based performance by turns, always searching for situations in which the material, whether solid, spatial or sonic controls the outcome as much as himself.