Wolken. Elektromagnetische Klanginstallation (Clouds. Electromagnetic sound installation) (2012) – Christina Kubisch

Christina Kubisch

Christina Kubisch works with special induction headphones that she developed, which help make audible electrical fields that exist around us but cannot be perceived by the naked ear. The title of the electromagnetic sound installation Wolken denotes more than just a meteorological phenomenon. Since the mid-2000s, metaphorical data clouds have formed: public clouds, private clouds, hybrid clouds and community clouds. These terms stand for the evolving worldwide delivery models of information technology.

A preoccupation with the visible and the invisible is one of Christina Kubisch’s main themes: “Nothing sounds the way it looks. Nothing looks the way it sounds.” By translating magnetic fields into the audible range, the artist enables us to experience sounds that are hidden, casually perceived, or unheard. The intensification of the recorded sound material is essential to the generation of sonic atmospheres.


Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms