volume (2010) – Serge Baghdassarians / Boris Baltschun

Serge Baghdassarians

Boris Baltschun

volume consists of 88 speakers arranged in a rectangle. With the help of a frequency (5hz) played at maximum volume, but inaudible to the human ear, some of the loudspeaker membranes are made to visibly vibrate. The loudspeakers function as “audio-pixel-monitors” displaying a four-part pictogram of a loudspeaker with three sound waves, the symbol for volume.

volume is about the illustration of an acoustic phenomenon and the resulting overlapping of two meanings of the same word: volume = loudness and cubic capacity.


Sound sequence: Serge Baghdassarians / Boris Baltschun, abwicklung (2011)

Further works in the exhibition

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Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms