FONICS [FOrmes Nouvelles d'Instruments à CordeS] (1980-1990) – Jean Weinfeld

Jean Weinfeld

“For 40 years I’ve been bent over my drawing board as an architect, for 30 years I’ve pressed my nose to the windows of violin makers in the streets of Rome, Madrid and Paris. And for 25 years I’ve always returned from every trip with a string instrument under my arm. I was fascinated not only by their naïve or refined forms, but also by the enigmatic silence of the sounds accumulated in them by generations of anonymous musicians. One day my distant trips became discretionary. I had the idea of continuing them at my worktable, in the daredevil and passionate land of forms and, later, sounds. So FONICS was born….”

In 1980, at the age of 75, the Bauhaus student, architect, carpenter, director, choreographer, and exhibition curator Jean Weinfeld began working on FONICS (New Forms for String Instruments). As in the case of the two cellos, Weinfeld rethought the design from the ground up and at the same time worked on improving the quality of the sound.