Sonic Meditations (1971) – Pauline Oliveros

Pauline Oliveros

Oliveros’ work as a composer centers around her practice known as Deep Listening, a meditative approach to hearing and composition. She is also a keen educator, and hold workshops that instruct people in ways to listen more closely to their environment and to use these attention-centering skills in musical composition. The Sonic Meditations on view here are excerpts from a series of group exercises created by Oliveros in 1974 that are meant to guide groups of listeners through the following acts: actually making sounds, actively imagining sounds, listening to present sounds, and remembering sounds. Her intention was that students would work at these exercises over long periods of time to achieve heightened states of awareness.
(John Kannenberg)


Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms