SolarSonical Insects (2012) – ‹SA/JO› Sabine Schäfer / Joachim Krebs

Sabine Schäfer

Joachim Krebs

“The insect is closer, better able to make audible the truth that all becomings are molecular!”
(G. Deleuze)

7,200 NASA satellite pictures of the SUN are accelerated, animated at freely varying speeds of 10 to 50 pictures per second. (Ultrasound-)microphone recordings of INSECTS are acoustically decelerated and transposed into the human audible range by means of procedures specially developed by the artists.

Through reducing-shortening ACCELERATION of the infinitely long durations of the sun, the INVISIBLE becomes VISIBLE and, through enlarging-extending DECELERATION of the infinitely short durations of the insects, the INAUDIBLE becomes AUDIBLE.
Thus, the more TIME manages to transform itself somewhat into a SONIC imagined all-enveloping COLORLIGHT-resonance-BODY of “sun”, the more intensively the molecular-acoustic vibrations of the insect sounds and noises transmute into a SHINING imagined all-enveloping MICROSOUND-resonance-SPACE.

The insects are transformed into continuously oscillating “solar” instruments, played by the LIGHT of the sun, with which they are communicating!


Sound sequence: SolarSonical Insects

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms