Sitzen und Hören 1-6 (Sitting and Hearing 1-6). Weiss/weisslich 29 (White/whitish 29) (1996/2010) – Peter Ablinger

Peter Ablinger

Sitzen und Hören 1-6 consists of chairs set up in rows. They form six auditoriums arranged in six different formats and are set up at six different public places in Karlsruhe.

Take a seat and the focus of your perception changes. No longer is it the view of the chairs that counts, but instead what can be perceived from sitting in the chairs. Using or not using the chairs actualizes different facets of the sound sculpture: when the rows of chairs are used, the place becomes a proposal to listen and the situation a concert. Unused, the rows of chairs can be read as a serial sculpture whose subject is the classical Western art of higher listening.

At the center of Sitzen und Hören 1–6 is the awareness: “The sculpture is not the material and also not that which might be there to hear. The sculpture is the hearing process itself.” (P. Ablinger).

The locations of the six auditoriums are:
ZKM forecourt
train station plaza
Schlosspark (near: Café Multikulti, equestrian statue, underground garage)


Abb.: © Peter Ablinger