post event of showing (…) (1996/2012) – Marco Preitschopf

Marco Preitschopf

post event of showing consists of a showcase plinth and a black camping stool. The more the viewer moves away from the empty showcase towards the standing stool, so the clearer is the sound issuing from the showcase to be heard.
The sound: source material is the recording of an exhibition opening that took place on the 3 February, 1996. The processed recordings were shown in the form of an installation bearing the title presque vu 03.02.96 / Sound of someone who’s going away, as part of a follow-up exhibition in the same exhibition site. The post event showing pursued this original approach of the temporal shift and mirroring of a recurring event, and interwove the model of art as presentation with the reality model of art.
post event of showing works with distances: The showcase is both receptacle and site of a sound documentation. The stool is the site and distance to the work. The interaction/relationship of the viewer to the work of art and the relationship of the author to the work are recapitulated.
(Marco Preitschopf)

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms