moids 2.2.0. acoustic emergence structure (2009/2012) – Soichiro Mihara & Kazuki Saita

Soichiro Mihara

Kazuki Saita

Moids 2.2.0 is an interactive system made up of 1024 autonomous circuits. Each circuit consists of a microphone that picks up ambient sound, a microcontroller that analyzes the incoming sound, a switch and a loudspeaker component. The installation reacts both to the sound of the environment and to the sound it produces itself.

The Japanese artists and computer experts Soichiro Mihara and Kazuki Saita have been working on the development of organic sound systems since 2004, when they attended a lecture on imaginary energy fields by synthesizer pioneer Robert Moog. Their goal is the creation of a decentrally organized alternative nature, which will make the “living echo of technology” audible.

Sound sequence: field recording – 11 Aug.15th, study of moids

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms