ki·no. Nachtmusik für Projektoren und Hörer (Night Music for Projectors and Listeners) (1963/1967, 2012) – Dieter Schnebel

Dieter Schnebel

ki – no is predominantly visual music. Slides are projected onscreen in specific rhythms. The performance material consists of series of slides on different themes: Rezeptionen I/II, Imaginationen I – VI, Auswüchse I – VIII, Fenster I – XXI, Umrisse I/II [roughly: Reception, Imagination, Outgrowths, Windows, Outlines].

On one hand, the pictures show texts that lead us toward musical perception of actual or fictive acoustic events. On the other hand, they contain notes for imagining music or for the imaginative production of “impossible” sounds (tones beyond the threshold of hearing, pauses that make sound, etc.). This Noh theater stages the kind of music that arises in the mind of the listener and is interpreted there.

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms