(JC {639}) (2006/2012) – Sabine Groschup

Sabine Groschup

(JC {639}) is an experimental documentary film dedicated to John Cage on the occasion of his hundredth birthday. (JC {639}) is 29’14”12 long, precisely the same length as the original performance of John Cage’s Organ /aslsp by Gerd Zacher in Metz, in 1989.

(JC {639}) commemorates John Cage both by way of the critical enquiry into his composition Organ²/ASLSP by the Halberstädter Organ Art Project, and through an approach to John Cage’s access to chance. In the case of (JC {639}) I found it important not to pursue a conventional path, but to step into unknown territory, and to attempt something new under John Cage’s influence. My film (JC {639}) is defined by chance, or by the absence of intentionality, through a random selection of stills from single film scenes. The selection is to be made by persons for whom John Cage’s work and his influence are of personal significance. The single scenes may be divided into four varying forms of expression each of which exhibit fixed structures within the units. Each scene may be considered as a note. When the notes thus randomly string together, then the composition of (JC {639}) emerges.
(Sabine Groschup)