G-Player 4. The Earth is a disc (2004) – Jens Brand

Jens Brand

G-Player plays the earth like a record. Jens Brand’s Global Player 4 (G-P4) functions like a regular record or CD-player. It recognizes the position of more than 1000 satellites and, by means of a virtual 3D model of the planet, makes it possible to listen in real time to an imaginary track traced along the surface of the earth. The G-Player 4 can be integrated into any hi-fi system and is fully functional everywhere. In 2006, the fictional BRAND company expanded its product array to include the user-friendly G-POD. The project concluded in 2007 with the establishment of g-turns.com, an online store. Under the BRAND company name, the G-Player also is presented in an installation that simulates a trade fair booth. This staging includes, as an option, a friendly salesperson able to converse with the clientele about the meaning, aim, and beauty of the products on display.


Sound sequence: G-Player 4. The Earth is a disc (2004)

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms