er’Schaute Klänge. Chor der Puppen aus Karmadharmadrama (1967/2002) – Anestis & Julia Logothetis

Anestis Logothetis

Julia Logothetis

The video er!Schaute Klänge is the centerpiece of a video installation by the painter Julia Logothetis about the graphic notation of her father, Anestis Logothetis. In 1959 he designed a notation “whose symbols for notes embody the characteristics of the sound and sonic events. The symbols and ways of reading them, in light of their variously oriented associative affinities, also depict the movement of sounds in space.” The composer wanted to create notation that could portray an intended sonic event, including the expressive gestures involved.

Julia Logothetis assumes that the viewer must move in order to do justice to the integration of eye and ear. In er!Schaute Klänge she animates her father’s graphic score to the Dolls’ Chorus from Karmadharmadrama and synchronizes it with the sound recording.


Sound sequence: er’Schaute Klänge (video)

Photo: Anestis Logothethis, Paysage de Temps score, graphic notation, 1984-1986