Baschet Sound Structures – Baschet Cristal (1970er-Jahre) – Bernard & Francois Baschet

Bernard Baschet

François Baschet

The Baschet Cristal is a chromatically tuned acoustic musical instrument made of glass and metal. The brothers Bernard and François Baschet created the first Cristal in 1952. Since then, some 50 instruments in different registers have been produced. As with the glass harmonica, the sound sculpture is played by rubbing its glass rods with moistened fingers. The vibrations are transmitted to metal rods and from there to the amplifier. Fiberglass cones and teardrop-shaped metal forms act as amplifiers.

The brothers’ collaboration began with the development of the Cristal. At the time, the engineer Bernard and the sculptor François Baschet were studying historic treatises on acoustics and sketches of instrument designs, and investigating how existing sound producers functioned. In addition to the Cristal, François and Bernard Baschet have also designed other, purely acoustic Sound Structures such as the Multitone Keyboard and the educational Baschet Instrumentarium.


Sound sequence: Deneuve, Russo, Lasry