Birdcage-73’20.958“ for One Composer (1972) – John Cage

John Cage

This film collage by Hans G Helms – a wanderer between worlds, as a philosopher, field researcher, composer, author of literature and radio broadcasts, pacifist, sociologist, and critic of economics – is an unconventional portrait of the avant-garde composer John Cage. The interviews, recordings, and documentation of his work create a comprehensive picture of his character, thinking, and his art in music, including black-and-white documentary material. This film collage was produced in 1972 for the WDR on the occasion of John Cage’s sixtieth birthday.

The film shows John Cage, sometimes in dialogue with other artists and personalities such as Maro Ajemian, Louise Basbas, Justin Blasdale, Carolyn Brown, Carlo Carnevali, Joel Chadabe, Philip Corner, Merce Cunningham, Teeny Duchamp, Arnold E. Epstein, Don Gillespie, Edna Golandsky, Doris Hays, Carla Hübner, Mimi Johnson, Jeanne Kirstein, John Lennon, Lois Long, Tatiana Mardikian, Stephen NMayer, Margaret Nyden, Yoko Ono, Frederic Rzewski, Emily Staempfli, Grete Sultan, Margaret Tan, Katherine Teves, David Tudor, Paul Zukofsky, and the bird Harvey.

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms