Backstage (2008) – Rolf Julius

Rolf Julius

The still life composed of bowls, paint pigments, plastic bags, stones, a lamp and several loudspeaker chassis is reminiscent of an alchemist’s workshop. Rolf Julius designed the sound installation as a snapshot of his studio in 2008. Some of the objects bring to mind previous works: the cobblestones of Musik in einem Stein (1982) and Stonefield (1999) or the pigment-strewn panes of glass in Musik für einen fast leeren Raum (1998). Pigment dust vibrates in loudspeakers; the substance reacts to acoustic recordings.

Backstage preserves a transitional state – crumpled plastic bags lie next to unused cups. This is the nexus of work achieved, the place where new possibilities suggest themselves. But Backstage is more than just a snapshot of a concrete workspace. It is a portrait of the artist absent the artist, laying Julius’s material landscape, and his spiritual landscape, at visitors’ feet.

Sound sequence: Musik für eine weite Ebene

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms