ANALAPOS-A (2011) – Akio Suzuki

Akio Suzuki

Since the 1960s, the Japanese artist Akio Suzuki has been investigating the acoustic quality of selected locations and creating corresponding topographies. His intensive involvement with the phenomenon of pulse and echo led him to develop his own instruments in the 1970s. One of these is the spiral echo instrument ANALAPOS-A. It consists of a coil spring and two iron cylinders that function as resonating chambers, and is played with the voice or by hand. The name ANALAPOS combines the terms “analog” and “postmodern” and stands for analogue listening in the digital age.

Akio Suzuki’s oto-date plate marks and draws attention to a special place for listening in nature, urban space, or a building. The Japanese term oto-date consists of the ideograms for “listen” and “point,” hence “listening point.” The oto-date plate shows a pictogram of human footprints and ears.


Sound sequence: Akio Suzuki, ANALAPOS (2011)

Further works in the exhibition

Space in the sun
oto-date plate

Abb.: © ZKM | Karlsruhe, Foto: Steffen Harms